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A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd are now a verified supplier on RISQS

10th September 2015
Andrew Trew

A. N. Wallis are proud to announce that we are a verified supplier on RISQS.

“The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is the supplier pre-qualification service used by buyers of all products and services throughtout the GB rail industry.” (RISQS website: www.risqs.org/)

“If you are procuring products and services for the rail industry in Britain, you are likely to be using RISQS.

Britain’s railways are crucial to the economy, and on the back of two decades of rapid growth, will expand even further to carry more people and freight in the future. Trains, infrastructure and equipment are being reinvented, renewed and rolled out, requiring a confident world class supply chain. Rail is a big buyer, relying on thousands of suppliers of every shape and size, providing a wide range of unique, critical and complex products and services.

For buyers, procurement management needs to involve tackling the risk imported from suppliers into the chain. Buyers seek assurance from their suppliers that the risk is managed and that they can deliver to meet their needs.

Two elements of securing this assurance are Registration and Qualification.

Registration is a process provided to suppliers to enable them to register their interest in becoming a supplier.

Qualification is a process to determine whether or not a supplier, or potential supplier, meets a predetermined set of criteria.” (RISQS website: www.risqs.org/buying-overview)

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