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Mersey Wharf Power

23rd October 2017
Andrew Trew

A. N. Wallis have successfully seen yet another project through from start to finish. Mersey Wharf Power has turned from just a piece of land to a fantastic 16MW power site, which is due to be commissioned very shortly.

A. N. Wallis has been part of this project for just over two years and it all started off by conducting a Soil Resistivity Survey so that we could then construct an Earth Electrode System Design, all of these procedures are performed by our experienced design team who are always on-hand to assist and meet the needs of our customers.

It is always great after all the hard work has been put in, to go back and perform the final Overall System Test as planned, and as expected the results are within the levels we predicted.

A. N. Wallis have, for many years, offered a range of technical and design services including full design of Structural Lightning Protection Systems, design of Substation Earthing Systems, Soil Resistivity Tests, Commissioning and Project Consultations to projects across the globe, a full project list can be obtained by contacting one of our team at info@an-wallis.com or by calling us on +44 (0) 115 927 1721.

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