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3rd January 2020
Andrew Trew

For the first of our new Product Spotlight features we will be looking at Earth Bars:

Earth Bars are an integral part of an electrical installation, they provide a convenient, common earth point for the installation. It is critical that they are capable of providing long-lasting, high-quality earths that are capable of enduring any potentially dangerous fault currents. A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd are aware of the crucial role of an Earth Bar which is why we manufacture high quality, affordable Earth Bars that are designed, manufactured & tested to all relevant standards. A. N. Wallis standard earth bars come complete with M10 fittings and insulators, the PVC base makes our earth bars lighter and easier to handle and are entirely corrosion proof. Our earth bars have a typical copper purity content in excess of 99.9%.

To explore our range of earth bars please follow the below links:

Earth Bars

Tinned Earth Bars

Earth Bars with Single Disconnecting Link

Tinned Earth Bars with Single Disconnecting Link

Earth Bars with Double Disconnecting Links

Tinned Earth Bars with Double Disconnecting Links

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